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Career In Home Staging

Ever thought about a career in home staging, this is becoming more and more popular these days, as a career or to acquire the skills in order to speed up the selling of your own home, personal home staging as seen homes sell within a matter of 2 to 3 weeks, with plenty of forward planning, this is possible.

Many people have an eye for detail, and a natural talent for turning a home in to what looks and certainly becomes a show home, a house that is staged with a view to selling it.

People with these natural talents don’t realise the importance of having these skills, this is how successful businesses are made, it’s just a matter of recognising that talent.

If you are prepared to learn the job as a Home Stager, the natural talent that you already have will pay dividends for you, if you don’t currently have these skills then with a bit of self belief, these talents can certainly be acquired.

Here are just some of the skills required to become a home stager:

· Organisational skills ~ The attention to detail, to be able to forward plan and be organised, this is really important as you have to be able to plan where every bit of your furniture is going to look at its best, remember that you are creating a show home here, most houses that you go to will be in a chaotic state, ‘are you able to stage a house from chaos, and still remain calm?

· Coping With Pressure ~ As you will be working to a deadline, you will feel pressured in getting the job done, are you able to keep calm under pressure? If not, are you able to learn to control it? Quite often a client will have their home out there already on the market, they decide to give you a call and want their home staging in a matter of a couple of weeks, sometimes less than that, are you capable of working to such tight deadlines?

If all of the above is a little overwhelming, do not fear, as almost anyone can be trained to be a home stager, there are lot’s of courses out there including online, so if you are serious about making a career out of it, search online for ‘Home Staging Courses’, you will even gain a recognised qualification which already will sit well on your CV, should you wish to work for a home staging company first, in order to gain some experience, the choice is yours.

Any natural talent that you do have, cannot be taken away from you, but will add to what you learn during a home study or online course.

Liking people would be advantageous, as you will meet all kinds of different people who will become part of your project, you must be prepared to receive input, as clients tell you exactly what it is that they are looking for, as well as listening to you, when you explain exactly what they can expect.

If you have any of the above skills, then Home Staging is definitely for you, as long as you are prepared to do a course, and listen and learn, then you will do really well.

Some people do DIY home staging, by simply painting and decorating, this can be part of home staging but is not always required, unless of course, the property requires it.

Still unsure if home staging is for you? Why not do some basic research, find out what these home study courses entail, and who knows, you could be staging a home for me.