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What You Deserve From Your Real Estate AGENT : In many areas of the countries, homeowners and potential buyers, have a wide variety, and choice, when it comes to selecting, the best possible, real estate agent, to serve their specific needs, goals, priorities, and specific situation! If you owned your own business, you would never hire anyone, until/ unless, you carefully interviewed several potential candidates, asked relevant questions, and were convinced (or believed), you’d found, the best person for the specific position! Since, for most people, one’s house, is their single, biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, with the utmost degree of care, and considering, what you need, and deserve, and should expect, from your real estate AGENT. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents.

1. Attention; attitude; aptitude; articulate: Be certain to choose an agent, who will pay utmost attention, to you, and your needs! Select a real estate agent, with a positive, can – do, attitude, combined with a relevant, well – developed, and honed, aptitude, which will put your interests first! Observe how well he articulates his message, and whether he has the sincerity, and skills, to make a difference, for the better!

2. Generate goodwill; get it: It’s not enough for your hired representative, to merely provide empty rhetoric and promises, but, rather, this individual, should, consistently, generate goodwill, based on his message, focus, and actions! Be certain to hire, an agent, who, both, gets it, as well, as understands you!

3. Emphasis; empathy; enrich: Quality agents focus on the best ways, to enrich your experiences, throughout the entire real estate transaction, and marketing periods! Be certain, their emphasis is on your best interests, and they effectively listen to you, so as to proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy!

4. Needs; nuances; niche: There is no, single way, to proceed, in every instance. Opt for someone, who carefully considers, your specific property, and takes the time, and makes the effort, to identify your niche, and how to create, develop and implement, a custom plan, for you! When an agent prioritizes your needs, and addresses the specific nuances, which will best serve your needs, he provides the best, possible, real estate representation!

5. Timely; trends; technology: Real estate is conducted, far differently today, than it was, just a few years ago. You need someone who understands and uses technology, which will benefit you, while maintaining that personal touch! The knowledge of overall trends, as well as the specific, local market, and your specific home, permits him, to proceed in a timely, well – considered, beneficial manner!

Opt for a real estate AGENT you need, and deserve! When you do so, you’ll have the best chance, to get your desired results!