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Backdoor Commercial Loan

If you’re looking to purchase a commercial property, and have doubts as to whether you will be able to qualify for a loan, there is no need to worry.

Whether you have been turned down or away before because of your credit, situation or risk factor, there are thousands of commercial loan programs in the U.S. and abroad that most commercial loan brokers aren’t aware of due to access restrictions.

Regardless of your desired loan size is, whether it be just a few thousand dollars or a few million, there is a solution. There are thousands of International Investors & Commercial Financial Institutions worldwide that provide funding to low, medium & high risk businesses with competitive interest rates.
The problem with most commercial loan brokers is that they are only experienced in tapping into a select few, although well-known commercial lending institutions in the U.S. and nearly all offer the same rate, whereas other brokers who have industry connections can tap into not only a few, but several thousand lenders where interest rates & conditions can be negotiated in favor of the individual or business seeking a commercial loan.

In the Commercial Lending Business there are “wholesale” and “retail commercial interest rates” offered by the banks & institutions. Having a backdoor connection to access wholesale interest rates is key.

Commercial loan broker’s that can access databases of investors and lending institutions that offer base wholesale rates with minimal “life of the loan” profit are able to pass the savings to the client.
Additionally, with thousands of International Investors & Funding Institutions available, they are all hungry to make money just to earn cash from the Interest rate. As such, obtaining loans through a backdoor pool of U.S. Based & International Commercial Lender’s incredibly easy, regardless of your credit or current situation. Whether you have documents or not.

The Commercial Lending Industry is very unique, yet difficult navigate for those that are not in the ideal position to be seeking a loan. But, there are solutions whether it be domestically or Internationally. Finding a Commercial Broker who has experience in seeking loans for those in a not-so-good situation is vital if your real estate goals are to be achieved.