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Steel boat buildings are today popular all over the world where they protect boats from theft and the wear and tear of the elements. A steel boat building is also great as a storage facility for items needed for your boat, such as boating equipment. A steel boat structure is a type of boathouse made from steel and specially designed to provide ideal boat storage. Boat houses are normally used for smaller sport and leisure boats, but even huge ships can need a boathouse.

A steel boathouse is ideal for the humid conditions that are often the case along the coastline, and near lakes and waterways. If you plan on erecting a pre-fabricated steel building near the ocean, make sure that you get one that has been coated with special protective coating that can withstand the corrosive nature of the salty ocean breeze. With such a coating, the need for maintenance work will drop dramatically and you will get more time and money over to spend on enjoying your boat instead of having to carry out monotonous maintenance work.

Boat houses are often the headquarters of a rowing or boat club, and some advanced facilities will even contain bars, restaurants, shops and similar types of leisure facilities. Steel is a great building material since a steel boat building can be really large without affecting the safety and integrity of the building. A pre-fabricated steel building is highly affordable way for boat and rowing clubs to get their own facilities. Today, you can get a steel boat building perfectly fitted for the kind of activities you intend on carrying out, including dining. Some boat clubs even chose to let their boathouse contain living quarters for people, something that naturally puts specific requirements upon the boat house.

A boat shed is a simple for of boathouse, traditionally used to house small private boats, minor boating equipment and often also bathing materials. Boat sheds are often located directly on the beach. Traditionally, boat sheds have been made from wood but more and more boat keepers are today switching to metal boat buildings since it is affordable and low-maintenance. If you go for a pre-fabricated steel building you can have your boat shed ready for use in no time. This way, you don’t have to spend the entire summer working on your boat shed – you can spend it enjoying your boat instead! In many parts of the world traditional boat sheds are brightly colored and this has naturally been taken into account by many steel boat building sellers. If you want to, you can order a pre-fabricated boat shed that is brightly colored from the start; no need to spend time on painting your steel boat building. You can also get a steel boat building with an integrated boat launching ramp and/or steps.

A beach hut is a small building located right above the high tide mark. Beach huts give you a secluded room where you can change into and out of your swimming wear, and it can also be used as a simple form of summer home during the days. If you want to erect your own beach hut, a pre-fabricated steel building is an excellent choice. Just like the steel boat building, the steels beach hut come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors