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New Ideas in Office Trailers : Modern modular buildings have come along way from the construction site office trailer that many of us are accustomed to.

Some recent projects completed this year include a complex of 12 modular units joined together to form a single 72 foot by 90 foot space. This office complex contains numerous offices, a large conference and training room as well as large open areas. This space was created by connecting the trailers six wide and two back to back.

Another company created their large office space by joining eight trailers side by side.

So why are companies choosing modular buildings and trailer to house their office complexes? There are three basic reasons, cost, speed of construction and quality of the construction.

The cost of modular construction can be half to a third of the cost of traditional site built buildings. Modular buildings can be built at lower cost due in part to the saving in material cost and delivery expense. In on site construction, material must be delivered in small lots to the site. In a modular factory, material can be purchased in bulk and delivered more cost effectively. Also, due to the repetitive nature of the construction, there is less waste.

There is also savings in site preparation and foundation work. Traditional construction requires a concrete foundation and considerable grading to prepare the site. Since modular trailers have their own frames to support the units, foundation work can be minimal and a perfectly level site is not required.

However one of the greatest benefits of modular construction is speed of occupancy. The example above, went from concept to occupancy is just six weeks. Traditional construction techniques could have taken up to a year to build a similar building.

The quality of the building can also be much better in a modular building than in a construction subject to changing weather conditions and questionable craftsmanship.

Modular buildings are constructed in a facility protected from the weather under strict quality control procedures. Quality is not as dependent on the skill and mood of the individual workers. In the modular factory, there are procedure and quality controls inspection process to insure that all steps are completed in a workman like manner.

In normal construction, materials are exposed to the weather as the building is being constructed. In a modular factory, raw materials and the assembly are protected from the elements during construction. This protection results in better fit and finish along with less chance of mold growth and other weather related problems.

Yet another added benefit is purchasing flexibility. Modular buildings can be purchased, leased or rented depending on the application. Modular buildings have the added advantage that they can be disassembled and moved to another location if the need ever arises.

So whatever your office space requirements, from a simple construction site trailer to a full office complex, modular construction can get you in a better place faster and more economically than traditional construction techniques.