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Home Staging

As a preferred home staging specialist in the Orlando and surrounding central Florida area I have encountered many homes where sellers attempted to stage their own home only to be disappointed with a lack of offers. Find out if this sounds like you and why a professional will address all of your needs and get your home sold and fast!

Professional Home Staging is growing steadily as is the amount of listed homes on the market. In Orlando alone we currently have over 9300 homes for sale! Sadly many of these homes show terribly on MLS and other marketing materials. With over 85% of potential buyers looking here first before deciding to view a home, your home had better stand out! This means your home has better show well inside and out as well as online.

Okay, so you know the importance of a show-ready home and what it will do for you. Do you truly have what it takes to stage your own home? Here are some points below that you may not have thought about before. Home Staging is about more than just well placed furniture, the right wall colors and appealing decor, it is as much about the demographics in our area, knowing who is likely to buy your home and what exactly that particular buyer is looking for.


1.Do you know what buyers in particular are most apt to view your home? Do you know what this type of buyer is looking for and what is most important to them? While each buyer is unique there are specific items each type of buyer is looking for. Make sure you know what that is or your staging might actually be turning the buyer off!

2.Do you know what the price range is for homes in your area with comparable square footage, number of bedrooms etc? We hope your realtor will know know this as it is their job but sometimes they can be a bit off. A professional home stager will be your next best bet to determine price. They know your specific areas of town and may have even staged one of your competitor’s homes. If the price is wrong it doesn’t matter how you stage it, it is not likely to sell.

3.Do you truly know why mass buyer appeal is? There are certain trends that apply to home staging. Do you know what they are? There are colors, d├ęcor, and small touches that go a long way to win over a buyer. If you aren’t aware how to achieve this it is time to contact a Professional Stager.

4.The most important thing is to see the home through a buyer’s eyes. A Professional Stager can be the eyes of that first buyer as they have never seen your home before. You see, you have lived in your home for quite some time and have become comfortable with it and are far more likely to overlook much needed attention to certain areas. This is because you don’t have an objective eye. This is the real reason why it is impossible to stage your own home. Don’t think for a second I intend on staging my home when I sell! This applies to us Professional Stagers too! I will ensure my home is viewed by a trusted stager before it goes on the market because I too won’t see beyond my own stuff.

Never underestimate the power of the objective eye! Even if it is just a consultation or written report to allow you to do the work yourself, do consult with a Professional Stager before listing your home.