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Hesperia Vacant Land and Commercial Real Estate

Property owners and real estate agents in the High Desert area of California have felt the pressures of declining property values just as the rest of the country. As the market begins showing indications that the bottom may have been reached, as exemplified by slight increases in commercial construction materials which may translate into increases in new home sale prices, all eyes in the real estate market northeast of Los Angles are on the area Hesperia, which has a history of being a close knit community where the residents and businesses mutually respect and support each other.

Among the historical highlights of the town of Hesperia is it’s golf course’s significance as a PGA Tour stop of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Still providing challenges today, Hesperia Golf & Country Club is ranked one of the top 20 toughest courses in the state by California Golfer magazine. Currently, the course is open to the public, although the country club and its amenities remain exclusive to members.

Hesperia Lake, on the south eastern edge of town, is where the annual town festivals take place. As a man made lake, this local gathering spot is perfect for families and young people to enjoy the beauty that is the High Desert area. With designated areas for camping and fishing, local residents congregate in its acres of surrounding property to enjoy the various organized community happenings and take part in junior league sporting events.

If desiring to purchase commercial real estate or vacant land in the Hesperia area, a commercial real estate agent will be able to save you considerable amounts of time by researching the current status of zoning ordinances for properties as well as verifying the current occupancy status of any commercial buildings. In a market where there are a significant amount of foreclosures, as there are currently, a licensed real estate agent is a critical component of any property sale transaction, as the rules and stipulations in the selling of bank owned properties are quite different from ordinary purchase contracts.

In addition to helping you negotiate the best price for the property, your agent will also provide you with valuable property information that will help you determine an expectancy of profit and timeline. Armed with the criteria you provide for your desired property amenities, your Hesperia commercial real estate agent will be able to quickly locate properties that fit all of your stipulations for location, use and potential occupancy based on historical tenant and ownership data.

Opportunities in Hesperia also exist for the developer wishing to purchase vacant land. While many communities flounder under the pressures of residential developments that never exceeded the building of several models, Hesperia is enjoying resurgence in interest where its residential vacant land is concerned. Several hundred acres are currently available on Hesperia’s Mojave River listed as suitable for construction of over 200 residential homes. As many of the vacant land opportunities are long time acquisitions, terms and pricing is highly negotiable and the potential benefits are endless.