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Method of Construction

Concrete and steel are the most popular building materials used in traditional construction. Within the last decade many other construction materials and construction alternatives have been developed. Concrete and steel buildings have both pros and cons. Steel, being a good conductor of heat makes the interior warmer as compared to concrete material. Also metal has a great affinity toward corrosion and thus can cause serious consequences if the construction is not designed and controlled efficiently. On the contrary homes built with concrete are difficult to remodel and can crack due to earthquakes.

Moreover, deploying concrete construction is expensive and it takes a longer time to build. On the bright side both the above mentioned building materials are durable, fire resistant and requires low maintenance. But all and all they do not stand against natural calamities like hurricane, earthquake and high winds.

Structural insulated panels overcomes the shortcoming of both building material discussed above. SIPs have emerged as a good alternative building and insulation material for residential and commercial construction. It consists of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings usually oriented strand board. SIP home panels can be used in floors, roofs, and walls for buildings.

R-Control SIPs can be additionally protected with FrameGuard Coating. FrameGuard coating protects the OSB facings from termites, mold, mildew, and decay. Most importantly, this includes a 20 year warranty and GreenGuard certification for indoor air quality. Even with these effective treatments, preventative building practices should be employed by the builder, and maintained by the homeowner. The construction and operation of buildings has a significant impact on the environment, so it important to find green building alternatives. When you build with Structural Insulated Panels you are getting many built-in environmental benefits.

There are countless benefits associated with SIP construction. SIP building system is fast, eco-friendly, economic, durable and energy efficient. SIPs are compatible with most of the available building system. SIP also adheres to all structural and fire code regulations. R-Control Sips are known for its capability of fighting against storms, high winds and earthquake. The materials used in R-Control SIPs are treated with perform guard termite protection which makes it mold and termite resistant. You also get seamless design opportunities and thermal warranty with R-Control SIPs.