Posted on: July 21, 2022 Posted by: Hotel Transylvania Comments: 0

BUZZARDS BAY — Planning Board member Patricia Nemeth received lukewarm support from her colleagues when she suggested it might be time to consider the ramifications of land reuse impacts from new canal bridges.

The idea to review new bridge plans and how they will impact properties on both sides of the canal come at a time when board Chair Dan Doucette said he wants members to concentrate on more timely issues for an October special Town Meeting warrant.

Planning not yet definitively shared at the state level, but discussed locally, involves new Bourne and Sagamore bridges being constructed inside the current spans. The current bridges date to the mid-1930s.

Bridge projects impact businesses, homes

This would involve roadway realignments on both sides of the waterway, influence on Bourne Scenic Park in Buzzards Bay, the loss of houses in South Sagamore and elimination of the Dunkin’ Donuts at the Bourne Bridge as well as the effect on the Market Basket parking lot at Sagamore.