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Marketing Your Commercial Construction

Just for a minute, forget about trying to figure out how to market your company on the internet. The following 5 fundamentals are old-school, but they’re still effective. In fact, these fundamentals are actually required before you begin marketing your business on the web. Why? Because the internet is an amplifier of everything that happens on the ground. It’s a powerful tool that will broadcast your company’s message further and faster, so let’s step back and refocus on the basics before you continue thinking of internet marketing strategies.

1.Do a good job on every job.

Maybe this one should go without saying, but I think it’s worth being number one on this list so that everyone is reminded of what “doing a good job” means. It’s not just about the quality of your work, or the quality of your materials (if you’re a supplier). Being remembered for doing a good job means that your company achieved the appropriate balance of 3 important factors: Quality, Schedule and Price. And because the best of all three factors is not possible, you must strike the right balance required for each project. The work your company does has to walk your marketing talk. Be consistent with this one, and your clients, vendors and peers will also talk-up your company behind your back.

2.Manage the perception of your company.

Your company’s reputation is its most valuable asset, because it’s what attracts new business. Buckle-in and remember this: you don’t build your reputation, everyone else builds it for you behind your back. So watch yourself out there, and never give anyone a reason to speak badly of your company – because they will.

3.Obtain written feedback from ALL of your clients.

Every project that you complete is an opportunity to learn something from that client. At best, your clients will provide you with compliments that you can use in your marketing efforts to attract other clients. At worst, your clients may give you criticism – which you can still use to better your company by not making the same mistakes again.

4.Give, give and give to your TOP 20. Make a list of your TOP 20 friends in the industry.

I am talking about the 20 companies that you have worked with over the years, or have known personally, that you can 100% vouch for the quality of their work and their professional integrity. Make regular (and heart-felt) referrals for those companies to your clients and prospects as you go about your daily business activities. Every time you make a referral or recommendation on behalf of anyone on your TOP 20 list, be sure to tell them that you did it. Do not ask for anything in return. Trust me. Over time, your TOP 20 list will begin to reciprocate in spades.

5.Actually participate in the right industry organizations.

Yes, you have to do more than just show up. I know you have heard this 500 times, but it’s worth mentioning again. Most companies that join an industry organization do so passively and therefore miss out on HUGE opportunities to increase their ROI. You must participate and lead something that benefits others. Use the networking and other events provided by these organizations to nurture your TOP 20 list and increase it to your TOP 40. If you are not sure which organizations are the “right” organizations to join, start with your local ABC chapter – and go from there.