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Ambitious Projects Saudi Arabia

Ambitious Projects Saudi Arabia  known for its dependence on the oil industry. However, now the local government is starting to think about developing tourist destinations that can become a new source of income. Former Lebanese Minister of Economy, Nasser Saidi, who is now an economic consultant based in Dubai, said the projects made by Saudi Arabia were an attempt to transform the country’s economic structure.

“This economic diversification carrie out to create sustainable jobs for young workers and answer the challenges of the global energy transition from fossil fuels, which have been the main source of Saudi income and exports,” said Nasser. The project that is being built by the government of Saudi Arabia. Is not an ordinary project because it offers technological sophistication and super modern facilities.

These projects won’t even take place in the next year or two because they are designe to welcome life in the future.

Of course, to realize these projects, the local government cannot fully depend on state-owned funds. The role of investors is very large in realizing the success of the six mega projects which are predicte to cost up to US$7 trillion (Rp. 104,079 trillion). The following are six ambitious projects currently being carrie out by the Saudi Arabian government.

6 Ambitious Projects Saudi Arabia


Neom is a smart city development project located in northwestern Saudi Arabia, close to the coast of the Red Sea. Many modern infrastructure will  built in this city. One of them is The Mirror Line, which is a twin supertall with a height of 487 meters.

Apart from that, here is also the largest coral garden development project in the world, precisely on Shushah Island. This collaborative project with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology plans to present a 100 hectare expanse of coral reefs. The project is expecte to be complete in 2025.

The Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project or the Red Sea project is a sustainable tourism project that will  built in an area of 28,000 square kilometers. This project will be handle by The Red Sea Development Company which has been establishe since 2018. Employing around 35,000 workers, this project will showcase the rich landscape and cultural heritage of the Red Sea Coast. Starting from an inactive volcano, desert, and various kinds of wildlife. The infrastructure work has now starte, where in 2020 there will be 80 km of areas that have en successfully laid out.


Qiddiya is one of the mega projects in the vision of building the Saudi Aras kingdom in 2030. This place will be use as a center for entertainment, sports and arts. Within Qiddiya a Six Flags theme park will be establishe which will contain 28 rides and attractions in six themed areas. Qiddiya will also feature luxury tented retreats, animal encounters and outdoor adventure and exploration. The Riyadh-based project will also include several arts and cultural centers, including an arts complex, a festival venue, a multiplex cinema and a performing arts center.

Aseer Development

Asser is a province in Saudi Arabia which is being develope into a premium tourist destination. The plan is to build 2,700 hotel rooms, 1,300 residential units and 30 commercial and entertainment attractions in this area. The project is expecte to attract more than 10 million visitors when it opens in 2030. Diriyah Gate Locate just 20 minutes northwest of downtown Riyadh, Diriyah will be transforme into one of the world’s leading cultural tourism destinations.

Not only rich in selling Arab cultural heritage, this place will also be equippe with various facilities such as hotels, retail, and high-class education. Under the mandate of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, the project aims to attract 27 million local and international visitors by 2030. The project will feature some of the most luxurious restaurants and hotels in the world, with all structures built in the traditional Najdi architectural style.


AMALA is a super luxury tourism project on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, which focuses on health, healthy living and meditation. The project will offer facilities and services to guests who wish to experience luxury in areas such as art, culture, fashion, health and sports services.