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5 Types of Home Sellers Smart Agent Avoid : Since real estate agents earn their livings, based upon the commissions earned, it is essential, for them, to prioritize their time, effectively and efficiently, it’s important for them, to realize, while listings are a significant, key, to being financially successful, there are times, when it might be wise, and prudent, to avoid representing certain types of homeowners. Using a philosophy, similar to addition by subtraction, there are several times, and instances, when it might make sense, to walk away, from certain, potential listings, With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review and discuss, 5 scenarios, where smart real estate agents, might try to avoid, becoming involved. One should always understand, real estate representation, is also a business, and there are two important, relevant adages, known as the Opportunity Cost of Money, and Valuing One’s Time!

1. Unresolvable personality clashes: Face it, everyone will not get along with, every person, they meet, etc! Since representing a seller, necessitates working closely/ intimately, and mutual trust, if the process begins, with a personality clash and/ or conflict, it probably makes sense, for the agent, to walk away!

2. Uncooperative: Effective marketing depends on agent and homeowner, working, hand – in – hand, focused on cooperation, and true teamwork! If the seller doesn’t want to listen, and/ or believes he knows it all (or better), and is unwilling to take professional advice, it is probably indicative, of a somewhat, uncooperative, stressful, relationship, and a longer – than – necessary, transaction period and process!

3. Unreasonable expectations: An agent should begin the discussion, not by stating what he wants, etc, but rather by asking a series of pondering, discovery – based questions, in order to get a better idea of what the potential client, believes, expects, and perceives. If that individual has an unrealistic idea of what his home is worth, valuing it, well beyond the realities of the market, a real estate representative, will waste time, money, and resources, and never be able to meet those unreasonable expectations!

4. Won’t listen: Always avoid representing anyone with the mindset of My way or the highway, and appears, to be not ready, willing and/ or able to listen, without prejudging! How can you properly represent their home (and investment) effectively, if they won’t listen to your advice and suggestions, and be willing to work together, as a team?

5. Insists on excessive pricing: Real estate professionals realize, in the vast number of instances, the best opportunity to get the best, possible price, is in the first few weeks, it’s listed, on the real estate market! Pricing too high, and being inflexible, is the enemy of selling a home!

Simply listing homes, doesn’t earn someone a cent of commission, until/ unless the home sells, and closes! Do you have the strength, to know, when to walk – away, from a prospective seller, when it’s the best step, to take?